Another anime film that is going to be on my list of most fave flicks! :)

Plot Summary: Shizuku Tsukishima, a young girl in junior high, loves to read. Yet, every time she opens a library book, it seems the same name appears on the cards: “Seiji Amasawa”. As Shizuku learns who this person is, she also begins to learn about herself and her goals in life—a discovery that will change her life forever.

I really like watching films where i can relate to its characters. The female protagonist loves reading books! And hello, i am a bookworm too! Hahaha :) oh well, i may not that very joyous and adventurous like she was in the movie, i can still somehow relate to her personality ^^

I also love that cute but sweet efforts of the male protagonist. Especially when he confessed how he always sit beside her in the library whenever she’s there and still she can’t notice him. And how he would check out all the books that she might read in the future so that she’ll acknowledge him :)

I love that scene where she rode with him on his bicycle. Where she lean and just let him take her to a very great place. And he didn’t fail. The scenery was amazing! Watching the sunrise is one of the fave things i wanna do :)

P.S. i also love the SOUNDTRACK! :D

"CountryRoad take me home to the place where i belong~~~"

I love that part too! When they all sang altogether that song ^.^